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Appointments & Medications

You can request an appointment online and also request medication refills.

We have two types of appointments, a First Time Visit Request and a Return Visit Request. There is more information requested for a first visit. Once you and your pet are logged into our system, there is less information you will need to provide us upon your return visit.

We have two medication refills as well. One Time Medication Refill is for those medications that you would like to order as you need them. Subscription Medication Refills is for ordering medications taken on a regular permanent basis. Sometimes reordering every two weeks is a hassle, try out our subscription service. We will contact you prior to billing if the cost of the medication has changed or your pet needs additional workups prior to refill.

Click below to launch the appropriate form. You can save the form, fill it out, and when you are finished, consider the 3 methods of sending us the form. If you prefer, you can save the form and print to fax, or mail or email from another program. Holler if you have any problems. Alternatively, you can click on the Email Us button in the left column and send an email and describe what you need. Use the forms below as a guide for what information we would like to get from you.