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Welcome to the Animal Clinic of Eagle Harbor. We are conveniently located at the corner of Route 17 and Smith's Neck Road in the new Eagle Harbor Shoppes center. We are smack dab in between Bojangles and the Virginia barbecue pit restaurants.

We treat companion animals like cats, dogs, pot belly pigs, six-pack ab pigs, and the occasional monkey, maybe a tiny woolly mammoth; also pocket pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, ferrets and the occasional petite purple panda.
Last but not least, we love the low lying reptiles and the high flying winged buddies and the swimmers.

At this time we are unable to care for lions and tigers and bears as well as elephants, crocodiles, sharks and giant purple pandas.

We love animals and we love the Isle of Wight community. We take our animals seriously and want a chance to be your veterinarian and animal clinic.


We would love for you and your critter to stop by for a visit.